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  • The Strings Are The Best Replacement Electric Guitar Strings For Your Broken One
  • The Replacement Strings Will Make Your Guitar In Good Performance Again.
  • Dimensions: 0 In X 0 In X 0 In. Weight: 0.95 Oz
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When people are having a bad day or simply feel a little low, there is nothing that a good old tune on a guitar can’t fix. Music has the ultimate magic to cure anything and provide a sense of peace and relaxation immediately. It is very important that the musical instruments and accessories you have are of the best quality for the most comfortable and graceful performance. The ALICE ELECTRIC GUITAR STRINGS A506 offers just that and is very much appreciated by players all over the globe. These sets of strings have the standard that makes them long-lasting and highly durable. These are also very easy to bend and play with.



  • These sets of strings are super light, which makes them quite convenient. 
  • If you have a broken electric guitar, these will make the best replacement strings which will also make your guitar a good performance again. 
  • These sets of strings weigh about 230g.

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