We at Fsharp are very concerned about the privacy and safety of our user’s credentials which is on our website fsharp.in. The aim of writing this elaborated privacy policy is that we want to share every detail with you about our working and privacy practices which includes –

  • When you visit our websites, what all information do we collect?
  • How will we make use of that information or disclose it?
  • What are your rights to the collection and usage of your data? 

These were the pointers we would want to highlight in our privacy policy. Though, these policies might witness minor modifications from time to time. Any major changes will be informed to you on our website. Be sure to stay updated.

What are the particulars that we collect about you?

We collect the information about your visiting our site, placing an order, subscribing to our newsletter, or even when you fill out a form.

When you order from our website, you will be asked for basic information about your name, e-mail address, contact number, or mailing address. Nonetheless, you can also visit our site anonymously.

What is the reason behind our using your information?

These are the following reasons why we use your information –

  • For a more personal experience

(When your credentials or basic information are used, we get to serve you on a personal level. It makes your experience worth a while).

  • This allows us to improve our website

(You providevaluable feedback and information, pushing us to improve and serve you better).

  • Allowing us to improve our customer services

(Your valid feedback plays a huge role in improving our customer service requests and quality of support).

  • This helps us to process transactions

(The main aim of collecting data is to deliver your product easily. Feel safe because we won’t share, sold, exchange, or transfer your credentials to another company without your consent for whatever reason).

  • This also helps us to create a poll, contest, survey, or other features on our website
  • This helps us to send you timely emails.

The information like your email address, which you provided us while processing your order, is used to send periodic emails concerning your order. Occasionally, wesend the company news, updates, products or information about our services.

Kindly note that you can unsubscribe to our emails anytime you desire so. We provide an unsubscribe option at the end of every mail we send to our customers. 


In addition to the specific reasons mentioned above, information about our users is also used for the following reasons–

  • To monitor our website visitors.
  • To keep an eye on our consumer interests in our products.
  • This also allows us to check the problems that arise on our website.
  • To monitor the fraudulent activities on our site.
  • This helps us to improve your experience while shopping.
  • To notify you about some newly launched products that we feel you would like.
  • Informing you about promotional activities that we plan.
  • This also lets us check the tailoring of our product line.

We collect information about the pages which you access on our website because this allows us to track your preferences. This would help us to show you some other products of similar taste that you might find useful.

We also share your information with our business partners, giving us a better idea about the preferences of our users. It will allow us to follow a plan of action.

If you respond to us with feedback, this lets us improve our services, products, and site.

If any changes are seen in our terms and conditions, this can be informed to the users by having their information safe with us. We can also send you notifications about the products and services.

F-sharp will have to share this information with the legal agencies, government bodies, or any concerned authorities in case any summons or legal order is released after our name. In addition, we may also share the user’s information to investigate, prevent, or take strict action against fraudulent activities. We can also use them to share our terms and conditions with legal enforcement agencies.


Access & Correction – Any of our users can post or email us from the “Contact Us” page if they wish to have access to the information that we have of them. Another right that any user can have is they can correct or amend any information that they feel is incorrect.

Opt-out of the notifications – You can unsubscribe from us anytime if you do not wish to receive any emails or information about our products and services.

How do we take responsibility for protecting your information?

  • There are a lot of safety measures that we take when you access your personal information or place an order.
  • We have a secure server that protects your credentials. Sensitive and personal information like bank cards is transferred through the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, which is then encrypted to our payment gateways. Your data is only accessed by those systems having special rights, and they keep the personal data safe.
  • Your private information, like debit and credit cards, is erased by our systems after a successful transaction.
  • We have put in place reasonable safeguards to protect the personal information we have acquired from loss, misuse, and alteration.The site also includes necessary safety measures to ensure security, integrity, completeness, and accuracy.
  • Only authorizedpeople can access the data you offer us. Our security and privacy rules are continuously reviewed and improved as needed. Even though we take the necessary precautions to prevent unauthorised disclosures of information, we are unable to guarantee that the personally identifiable information we collect will never be exposed in a way that conflicts with this Privacy Policy.

You hereby release Fsharp from any claims arising out of or related to the use of intercepted information in any unlawful manner and acknowledge that Fsharp is not responsible for any information seized while being transferred over the Internet.

Are we into using cookies?

No, we don’t use cookies.

Are we likely to disclose any information to outsiders?

Your personally identifiable information is never sold, traded, or otherwise transferred to unaffiliated third parties. This exclusion applies to any trusted third parties with whom we share your information only to the extent necessary to help us operate our website, carry out our business, or provide the services you request from us. We may also disclose your information if we determine doing so is necessaryto follow the law, implement our site’s rules, and defend the rights, property, and safety of other people. However, visitor data that cannot be used to identify an individual may still be shared with third parties or mediators for marketing, advertising, or other purposes.

Third-Party Links

Sometimes, we might add third-party offers or services to our website at our own will. We are, however, not responsible for the content and information these sites pose because they have their privacy policies. At any cost, we pledge to protect the privacy of our users and also welcome constructive feedback from their side.

Online Privacy Policy

The privacy policy shared here with the users is just for information gatheredon the websiteand not for offline information.

Terms & Conditions

To know more about the uses, liability, and limitations of our products, please revisit our terms and conditions page on our website fsharp.in.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

Any amendments to our privacy policy will be notified by us on this page itself.


You agree to the terms of our Privacy Policy by using the website. You shouldn’t use the Site if you are uncomfortable with these terms. These privacy statementsare subject to change at any time by Fsharp. We will boldly display notice of the nature of any substantial changes to our Privacy Policy and how we utilise our users’ personally distinguishable information on the first page of this Privacy Policy. You are in charge of timely reading this policy to make sure you are informed of any updates. Any alterations to this privacy statement are accepted if you continue to use the site.


This website is not for the use of children.Fsharp does not seek any information from any child of age below 13. In a case, where a child who is below 13 years of age sends us any personal information, we will contact their guardians before keeping their credentials.


On having any doubts regarding this policy, or our privacy practices, or need access to any of the rights discussed above, you must contact Fsharp at the given address –

F SHARP® (Music Instruments & Peripherals)

Shop # G-2, Rahul Chambers, Karve Road,

Near Ranka Jewellers, Pune 411004. Maharashtra

We collect all the non-public private information about our users from the following origins –

  • The information which you provide on the forms.
  • The transactional information.
  • The consumer reporting agency provides us with the information.

We want to make this clear that we never disclose any information or private credentials about you or any other user except in legal matters. We will adhere to each and every line mentioned in this policy if you decide to pay your accounts. If any employee who wants to provide you with the services asks about your information, Fsharp won’t allow that. We cater to the physical, electronic, and procedural safety measures aligning with the Indian Government guidelines to protect the non-public info about the user.

Terms of Use


Except for those specifically altered conditions on any individual purchase between Fsharp and you, all these terms and conditions apply to every online purchase that you make from the website fsharp.in. Note that they won’t be altered or supplemented at any cost by using any other document. Unless otherwise agreed to in a written agreement signed by both you and Fsharp, any effort to modify, supplement, or amend this agreement or to place an order for product(s) that are subject to extra or changed terms and conditions will be void.


If you choose to purchase any product from our website, you have to follow this agreement without fail. Also, placing an order does not confirm that Fsharp is bound to serve you. We have all the rights reserved to cancel the order or refuse to serve any user. Fsharp will start sending you information about your order through email if we accept your order.


This is true that price, description and availability for any product are subject to change, Fsharp does not guarantee the accuracy of the product information written on the website. For further information about the pricing issue, please refer to the terms of use section of our site.

The MRP which is seen on the products are from the manufacturer’s side, and we often sell products below their actual MRP. For any product, no sales have been generated on MRP.

MRP is a method to compare our discount range from the mentioned price and also to check what other retailers are offering at that price. This also varies greatly on the location, product, type of store, and time that whether or not other retailers sell the product on its MRP.

We update our customers and have a constant check on the MRP shifts, but there are exceptional cases where the manufacturers change the MRP without any prior notice to us.

If you want to know about a certain product and its up-to-date MRP, then you must contact the manufacturer.

For our private label brands, we decide on the MRP internally while considering the comparable brand products that are present in the market. We also make sure that we sell such products below their MRPs and no sales may have generated at the exact MRP.

We offer lower prices sometimes which is intended to be a limited-period offer, but our lower prices may continue even after the offer ends.


The following payment options are welcomed for online orders: VISA, MasterCard, NEFT, Cheque, and Direct Cash Deposit. If you’re facing any issues placing an order online, give us a phone at (020) 2541 2929, or send us an email at info@fsharp.in. We accept direct deposits of cash into our bank account.


Some items labelled as limited-period offers, or hot deals, are subject to availability. Theyare made available on a first cum first serve base.


On your order form, separate shipping and handling costs will be listed. The majority of purchases that arrive before 4:00 pm are sent within 2 to 3 working days. The following business day will be used to process orders placed on Sundays or holidays. Initial orders and orders shipped to alternative addresses might be held for additional verification as a security measure. We reserve the right to send only a portion of your order, but this won’t excuse you from paying for the remaining shipments.

All products bought from Fsharp are produced by a shipment contract. This indicates that upon our delivery of such things to the carrier, ownership and risk of loss pass to you.

Write us an email or give us a call at (020) 2541 2929 for additional details on our shipping procedures, including pricing, delivery timings, and delays.


The limited warranty for every product that is sold is according to the manufacturer. Accordingly, the warranty period and service differ by every manufacturer and product.


100% Satisfaction is guaranteed. If not, a 14-DAYS return period is applicable.

You can return any goods for a full refund of the purchase price, full credit, or a swap of your choice if you’re not entirely happy. You have 14 days after the date of shipping.

Only returns made during the first 14 days of shipment are accepted by Fsharp.

If you decide to return any items, you must ship them back within the 14-day guarantee window. The warranty card and owner’s manual must be included with all returned items, and they must be in their original packaging with no evidence of wear or abuse. If not, the return will either be refused or charged a 15% restocking fee. Returns on credit cards are credited for the full purchase amount. Only the product value, minus shipping and handling fees, is refunded.

Feel free to send your return to the following address–


F SHARP® (Music Instruments & Peripherals)
Shop # G-2, Rahul Chambers, Karve Road,
Near Ranka Jewellers, Pune 411004. Maharashtra

Terms & Conditions for Return Process

  • Fsharp accepts only those returns which are shipped back within the 14 days return period.
  • The owner’s manual and warranty card should be intact, along with the packaging, and the product should not show any signs of wear and tear.
  • There are some items for which we do not accept any returns, except when they are defective. They are – opened or used sets of strings, boxes of reeds, computer software, soundcards, tubes, internal earphones, earplugs, traditional and ethnic wind instruments, harmonicas (hygiene issues), raw-frame speakers, pickups that have been installed, drumheads and sticks, books, cassettes, CDs, DVDs, and videos.


These are the following items which are not included in this warranty period of 14 days –

  • Cleaning of controls or products coming in contact with some electronics which are exposed to dust, dust, or any such untidy environment. 
  • USB Cables, Power adapters or any sort of accessory items are excluded from the warranty.
  • Finishes and cracks getting deteriorated, splitting or warping of wood because of humid weather conditions. If the product is destroyed after coming in contact with the sun, fire, moisture, body salts and acids resulting from sweating, it won’t be accepted. guitar straps, guitar stands or vinyl modified hangers, plastic, rubber or other synthetic materials, any other chemicals or non-approved polishes.
  • If anyone tried to modify their product against its originality and it faced damaged issues.
  • Products or instruments purchased from anyone other than Fsharp. 
  • Setups, adjustments or some kind of routine maintenance.
  • If the serial number of any product is misplaced, altered, or tampered with in any way.
  • Any product getting damaged, corroded, or rusted due to humidity, salty air, or moisture exposure, salts and acids emanating from the body as sweat.
  • If the instrument is seen with any abuse, case or gig bag including jacks, controls, switches, plated surfaces, tuning machines, pickguards, zippers, clasps, handles, latches, case hardware etc.
  • Fret wear, saddle wear, nut wear, strings and batteries.
  • Subjected to theft or loss.
  • Battery leakage causing the damage.
  • If you get the products serviced by any other person.
  • Damaged and flawed due to normal usage, wear and tear, maturing of the product, mishappenings like accidents, irresponsive behaviour, any sort of abuse, mishandling, or natural degradation.

If you want further information regarding guarantees, shipping, and return policies, kindly feel free to contact us. You can gather the contact information of Fsharp from the “Contact Us” page.


Although, we have 90% stock of what we sell, still sometimes there are few products whose sale is increased drastically. In those cases, there is a shortage of such products in our line. We make sure that the information about a product being stocked out is sent to you through email. Also, we keep in mind to inform you about the time when that product will be restocked and available. If by chance, the restocking of that particular product which you ordered takes more than 10 working days, the full amount will be refunded to your original payment accounts and your order will be placed on hold until the stock is back. Kindly, be patient as the refund might take around 7 working days to process and reflect in your bank statements. In case you have ordered multiple items in one go, we will try to send the items which are available with us and will ship back the remaining items of the order whenever they are back in our stock. We will not charge any extra or additional charges for those items which were shipped later.


Beyond the remedies outlined here, Fsharp does not accept liability for products that are not available for use, for lost or corrupted data or software, or the provision of services and support.We at Fsharp, will not be considered liable if someone incurs a big loss of any kind, loss of business or other consequential losses. We will also not be considered liable for any special, indirect, or regulatory damages to any product whatsoever. If we are advised of such damages, we are still not liable to them at any cost.

You will agree on this that we at Fsharp are not liable for the purchase of products or services that comes with the products, either for breaching the contract, warranty, negligence, or strict accountability in any sort of felony whatsoever. Fsharp will not be held accountable or responsible for any type of damage or any amount of damage more than the approximate dollar amount paid by you for that particular product under this agreement giving rise to such accountability or liability.

Because some states may not permit the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, the preceding limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.


You need to make sure that you follow these terms and conditions that are mentioned in the above-discussed policy and are going to cooperate with all these agreements, laws and regulations of different states of India. We do not give items for sale or export at any cost whatsoever, so you have to make sure that these products are for your own use and not for export or sale.


Without respect to any principles of conflicts of law, these terms and conditions shall at all times be governed by and construed by the laws of Delhi and the state of Delhi as those laws are applied to contracts entered into and to be entirely performed in the state itself. If any disagreement comes to the notice related to the provided agreement, then all the legal work will be submitted to the state or district court of Delhi. Another important notice is that you have to be present in all such hearings of the court.

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