The PSR-F52 is the perfect keyboard for people who want to learn to play. It has all the features you need for your first playing experience. What better way to try your hand at making music than on a keyboard made by world-renowned instrument manufacturer Yamaha? The PSR-F52 offers a solid foundation for anyone looking to start playing the keyboard.

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Sound Boost

Whether it is the latest hit songs or standards we love, one of the secrets behind the appeal of music is the sound of familiar instruments. The PSR-F52 features a much broader selection of musical instruments from countries around the world than its predecessor, the PSR-F51.

136 Voices (including 41 World Voices) + 8 Drum Kits (including 5 World Drum Kits)

The PSR-F52 is equipped with beautiful Voices created by leveraging Yamaha’s extensive instrument-making expertise. From world-renowned pianos to organs, guitars, string instruments, wind instruments, synthesizers, and more, the PSR-F52 gives you the opportunity to enjoy playing any type of music.

158 auto accompaniment Styles (including 75 World Styles)

Songs built on familiar rhythms and phrases are another secret behind the appeal of music. Yamaha’s auto accompaniment feature provides backing with expert use of rhythms, basslines, and phrases tailored to the chord progression supplied by the player’s left hand.

Smart Chord

By using the Smart Chord function, you can enjoy Style function by a single finger and not worry about memorizing complex chords. Try it out the Songs on the Song Book marked by the Smart Chord icon!


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