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Mandolins The mandolin plays both melody and rhythm, offering no limit as to what one can learn and experience. This instrument has the best design that provides a beautiful way to express one’s creativity and passion. Read more
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Guitars The guitar is often referred to as the rockstar instrument and for all the right reasons. Be it a kid or an adult, it has the power to bring out the best in everyone. It also helps to boost confidence and concentration along with being one of the most attractive skills to have. Read more
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Drums & Tabla

Drums Tabla Playing the drums and tabla has an optimistic effect on several behavioral issues such as anxiety, stress, and depression. These instruments strengthen the ability to work and focus on making decisions and controlling impulses. The drums and tabla stimulate one’s creative expression, enhances the feeling of empowerment, and help with dependence. Read more
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Wind Instruments

Wind Instruments Wind instruments make sound by a vibrating line of air, either using a musician’s lip or a reed. The most popular ones are the harmonica, flute, clarinet, bagpipes, etc. Playing wind instruments enhances coordination, improves mental agility, encourages self-expression, and increases memory. Read more
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Traditional Instruments Keyboard & Pianos

Traditional Instruments Nothing says classy and aesthetic like playing a good old tune on the piano or a keyboard. Both of these instruments improve mental and physical health. Let’s not forget that if you are just beginning your musical journey, these make the perfect choice because of their easy playability and exposure to next-level creativity. Read more
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MICROPHONES For recording and sound reinforcement, microphones capture voices as audio quite accurately and wonderfully. Whether one is recording or performing on the stage, microphones are intelligent pieces of technology and innovation that focus on audio clarity. Read more
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